The value of a company is given by its human capital, thus an important objective for us is the focus towards our employees who have to be well trained and motivated.
     We always seek loyal and dedicated employees who want more than a job. That’s why we worked hard in the past and work hard in the present to create a very favorable environment for the professional development of our staff.

     In this regard, the company has extended and modernized its headquarters, providing parking spaces for the entire fleet and car parking for employees. It also expanded other facilities such as: the space for the secondary production (workshops), the ITP fuel supply station, the auto laundry, the storage areas, the repair station, the green spaces, the recreational facilities (football and tennis field) and the administrative buildings which host office spaces, meeting rooms and the dining room.

     The staff benefits from modern offices, located in a generous open-space or individual areas, with ergonomic furnishings, equipped with temperature control, ventilation and air conditioning systems, high performance computing. The offices are defined by three qualities : comfort, functionality and efficiency . Photo (1) Photo (2) Photo (3) Photo (4) Photo (5) Photo (6)

    The meeting rooms give both the convenience of direct communication with top management or between employees. They offer great flexibility for presentations or the hosting of training courses for different categories of employees, as they are equipped with modern audiovisual equipment. Picture (1) Picture (2)

     One of our goals is to ensure excellent working conditions to all of our employees. For this, employees are offered a spacious dining room, a modern catering line, which provides both hot meals and a socializing place. Picture (1) Picture (2)
     Besides the excellent working conditions described above, our group of companies offer employees the opportunity to spend more time together outside working hours through activities such as team buildings, putting at the employees disposal the chalet from the Holliday Village in Boga (Picture of Boga chalet), a football and tenis field located in the premises of our headquarters (Picture1 of football field Picture 2 of football field) and by organizing various business trips on regular basis. (Picture Arieseni) (Picture paintball) (Picture1 rafting) (Picture2 rafting) (Picture1 Bauma) (Picture2 Bauma) (Picture1 Euro2008) (Picture2 Euro2008)

     We will continue to support the highest standards of ethics and integrity within our group of companies to ensure the highest quality of our work to our clients through the harnessing of the experience of our employees.

     Directly productive employees have a variety of benefits, some of which are listed below:
•The most modern, personalized, protective gear for their daily activities;
• Free transportation to our construction sites in the city;
• Free accommodation close to our working sites for those residing outside the city;
• Fully equipped containers at the construction sites, ecological toilets (where conditions permit);
• Other.

     The purpose of our group of companies is to make a difference, bringing a positive contribution to community life, being a constant example of professionalism and quality.


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