Selina Group through workshops equipped with advanced machinery, equipment and specialists with extensive experience in their field of activity offers services such as::

  • Blacksmiths Workshop:
      -trimming and mounting fixture;
      -pre-fabricated elements:  
                          -casting of manhole roads and embedded; 
                          -column fixture drilled wells.


  • Tinmans Workshop:
      -fluvial-discharge elements (gutters, downspouts, aprons, etc. ..);
      -duct ventilation systems;
      -galvanized roofs.


  • Welders and locksmiths workshop:
      -metal structures for halls;
      -autogenous and electrical welding authorized works;
      -various metal works (garages, gates, fences, etc ...).


  • Carpentry Workshop:
      -PVC and aluminum joinery (SCHUCO and RAMPLAST profiles);
                              -TEGO-made formwork; 
                              -wooden stairs;
                              -various wood garments (terraces, tables, benches, etc ...).

    For price information and other details please contact   Mr. Farkas Ladislau:
    Mobil: 0727 227 872
    Tel: 0359 800 777
    Fax: 0259 447 770

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